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Melbourne’s Foremost Provider of Raised Floor Schemes

When you work in a warehouse, it is the possibility of running out of space, but at B& R storage, we have expertise in offering convenient solutions in the form of raised floor systems. This space is supposed to offer you extra space and making our clients stress-free in connection to find a new space or warehouse.


Our expert team will design a raised floor system that will offer you extra or more space to operate your business, by increasing the underneath storage volumes. We increase the volumes by inserting pick levels of pallet racking and into the subframe. Using a raised floor system, the multitude of storage increases beneath your floor, and the structure will give you essential storage spaces.


At B&R we believe in creating a safer environment to maximize creativity. We use steel box tubes to give the ultimate construction insurance to the floors. We are the believers of strength and gives the durable solutions in form of raised floor systems to ur clients.


Crafting Raised Floor Systems That Highpoint a Warehouse’s Full Budding

A perfectly designed raised flooring system will offer a chance to fully utilize the potential of the available space. These systems will offer a chance to use the available warehouse space while keeping in mind all the rules and regulations. You need not go for another option. Yet come to us, and all the team, we are here to deal with your problems.

We can design a raised floor system that will fulfill your need. Our team is flexible about the goal and consult the client about their needs. We simply talk to the client and keep in mind their requirements. We use the top-quality material, and this will ultimately offer the perfect and fine solutions to your space-related problems. Are not you looking for durable solutions to meet your business needs?

Our raised floor systems ensure these are your pocket friendly. All our solutions will meet your budget as we are the supplier and buyers of second-hand products. The used items do not represent that they are not in good condition. It is assured by us to gratify our client.


Contact the team now and get in touch with them for inquiring about your queries. All of them will be answered there. You just need to focus on the business everything else is taken care of by us. We know how to deal with this all. Our raised floor systems are the ultimate solution for your storage and space needs. You will not face downtime by getting in touch with us. We understand our client’s needs and facilitate them.For more information visit our website